TankSure® Program Benefits

EPA Approved Testing Technology

Ultrasonic thickness gauges have been successfully utilized for non-destructive testing in a variety of industries and scenarios for over 30 years. Some of the larger primary industries currently utilizing ultrasonics are Oil & Gas, Aerospace, Aircraft, Power, Automotive, Structural Engineering, Military, Stamping, and Precision. A large number of industry segments are also utilizing this technology to fulfill their inspection requirements.

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and American Petroleum Institute (API) approve ultrasonic testing as a method for determining the integrity of fuel oil storage tanks. While these agencies do not currently regulate home heating oil tanks, rather they regulate larger commercial tanks, the methods they approve are directly applicable to home heating oil tanks. In fact, the applications are identical.

The process that the TankSure® Program employs for ultrasonic testing is based on EPA and API standards and guidelines. The ultrasonic thickness gauges used for the TankSure® Program inspections are specifically designed for testing home heating oil tanks.

Tank Sure

Visual Inspection

The TankSure® Program’s inspection and reporting process will identify and access important common tank components such as legs, seams, fill and vent piping, as well as your vent alarm. If any of these components are in need of an upgrade, that information will be communicated.

Tank Replacement Payment

To qualify for the TankSure® Program, your tank must not be in need of immediate replacement. Approximately 95% of all accessible tanks will qualify. Once qualified for TankSure®, the homeowner will have the benefit of a Tank Replacement Payment (in most cases $1,000) to help defer the costs of replacing your tank when it is identified for replacement.

Homeowner Insurance Benefits

Many insurance brokers now offer discounts on homeowner policies for customers who participate in the TankSure® Program. To determine if you are eligible for savings, use the following process:

1) Wyman Energy will provide you with a copy of your Tank Inspection Certificate (TIC)

2) Provide a copy of the TIC to your insurance broker and describe the TankSure® inspection process

If your broker is familiar with the TankSure® Program, they will probably know the discount codes associated with the program. If your broker is not familiar with the program, they may be able to offer you a discretionary discount.

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