Propane Delivery

Choosing propane as your Central Connecticut home or business’s primary energy source offers ultimate flexibility based on your preferences. Select your propane provider of choice, how many home appliances you wish to fuel with gas, and the most convenient delivery scheduling process for your lifestyle and budget.

Automatic Propane Delivery

In addition to your boiler or furnace, how many of your appliances rely on propane? Gas-fired water heaters, cooking stoves, fireplaces, clothes dryers, outdoor space heaters, pool heaters, and more common residential and commercial appliances run on versatile propane. If your supply runs out, it is not only an inconvenience for your daily routine; it can pose a serious safety risk.

At Wyman Energy, we have a simple solution. Our automatic delivery service allows us to keep an eye on your fuel supply and make deliveries at the right time throughout the year.

Our Hassle-Free Service

Don’t worry about remembering when to place your fuel order. Our team of experts uses state-of-the-art technology to forecast when you’ll need your next delivery based on property size, usage history, current weather conditions, and other factors. Then, we schedule your delivery and deliver your fuel before your tank level gets too low. If the weather gets colder, we’ll adjust your delivery date on our calendar accordingly.

For no additional cost, you can take advantage of all the additional benefits of automatic delivery.

Will Call Propane Delivery

To manage your propane deliveries manually, choose our will call delivery option. Please note that you will be responsible for checking your fuel levels and placing each order with our office.

Just give us a call to sign up for automatic delivery or to order propane today!