You can count on us to take your home comfort seriously. Wyman Energy is always here to serve our Greater Hartford, Connecticut community and beyond with expert fuel delivery, HVAC, and home comfort services that keep your home running in every season. We are honored to provide our valued customers with the energy services they need to stay comfortable. But you don’t need to take our word for it. Instead, keep reading to view testimonials from our customers who have given us the opportunity to exceed their standards for fuel delivery and home comfort.

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Hear What Our Satisfied Fuel & HVAC Customers are Saying

“I have lived in my house in Manchester for over 26 years. I have only used Wyman Energy the entire time for automatic propane delivery and occasionally checking the heating system. They are a very responsive when it comes to customer service. When you call someone answers the phone and if you have to leave a message they return the call promptly, something you rarely find today. If you require a service call they are quick to respond and will not try to upsell you on repairs that you don't need. These are all things that I look for when dealing with any type of company and Wyman responds day in and day out.”

- Holly S. from Manchester, CT

“Wyman Energy provides superior customer service. I’ve been purchasing propane from them since 2015. I recently became a service customer (routine for a/c and furnace). Their technician was prompt, professional and courteous. I am renting a propane meter from them and it is wonderful to not have to worry about checking my level in the winter. Exceptional company in all regards.”

- Kim L. from Bolton, CT

“Always great service by Wyman Energy. Anytime I need propane, oil, furnace cleaning/service, or A/C tune-up they are always prompt. I recently called the office for a delivery and they immediately know who I was and a truck was out to my house in no time.”

- Jody G. from Andover, CT

“I have always been very happy with Wyman oil’s services and the workers.”

- Doris H. from CT

“I have been with Wyman for over 50 years. good service. Oil prices a little high.”

- Kathleen B. from Vernon, CT

“Have been satisfied with the service thus far.”

- Marie T. from Glastonbury, CT

“Great Service. Had an emergency call last Sat and got an immediate call back. Tech was there in 7 minutes- all fixed. Have been a customer for years”

- Yolande F. from Bolton, CT

“Wyman has been our "oil man" since we bought this house 63 years ago. I can't cite a particular recent experience but can say I've never had anything but positive experiences over the years. They have always been prompt, friendly, professional, thorough. I am forever grateful for the kindness, compassion and patience they showed me in the months of my husband's illness prior to his death. I would not hesitate to recommend their service to anyone.”

- Maureen H. from South Windsor, CT

“Great service. On time. Would recommend to friends.”

- Yolande F. from Bolton, CT

“Thank you for always helping us. You have helped us in good times and bad. Congratulations on 70 years! A family based business in Manchester, you have serviced many homes and should be proud.”

- Jennifer A. from Manchester, CT

“Very reliable delivery. And when I inquired on line, about whether Wyman had any energy assistance programs (I’m on a fixed income) Rocco called me in person! to assure that the price of heating oil was going down. He was also aware of my propane usage. So, it felt as though there was some personal connection & empathy, not just another complaining customer. Thanks!!”

- Melanie G. from Columbia, CT

“It was winter in 1987 when my mom became a single mom, and I became a very confused product of a divorce. Mom had never handled the finances or home maintenance before. She was alone, with a 7 year-old daughter, an empty tank of oil and below freezing temperatures quicky approaching. She only had $45 until her next paycheck. $45 left over from her tips as a waitress, after going grocery shopping for the bare essentials. Our home had no other heat source. No fireplace, electric heater or wood stove. She called all the oil companies in the Yellow Pages, begging them for $45 worth of oil. They all either laughed at her or politely said that it wasn't worth their time for them to come out for just $45. Then she called Wyman and spoke with Rocky. He listened to her and said he'd be over as soon as he could. Rocky came quickly, and filled our oil tank. My mom raced out to his oil truck, not knowing he had filled the entire tank, thanked him profusely and handed him the $45. Rocky refused to take the money. He told her she was a good mother and this tank was on him. And when she needed more oil, just call. My mom, in tears, thanked him again. She vowed never to stray from Wyman, and she never did. From that day on, she was a loyal Wyman customer and told others to utilize Wyman for their heating needs. Flash forward 25 years and that 7 year-old, now 33 year-old, single woman bought her first house. It needed a lot of work, still does, and she needed a new furnace. There was no one else I even considered calling. I knew I wanted Wyman. And they did a great, quick, efficient job. They were patient with me, my first time homebuying questions and I never felt like I was being taken advantage of, as what can happen to some single women. And I refuse to get my oil from anywhere else. Thank you, and Rocky, for not allowing a single mother and her 7 year-old to freeze that winter in 1987 and continuing to provide my home with heat every winter. I just want the Wyman family to know how grateful my mom and I are...till this day. Happy 70th Anniversary!!”

- Amy S. from Manchester, CT

“I've utilized services from Wyman for nearly 15 years ranging from annual oil purchase, propane tank rental, propane fuel, furnace replacement and furnace cleaning/annual service. The staff are friendly, neat and tidy and are very accommodating. We have appreciated the budget billing process for purposes of spreading out peak & valley times throughout the year. Overall, heating in the Northeast is mission critical and being "down" is not an option. I never worry about being down but if I am, I know with complete confidence that Billy, Rocco and the team are coming to assist! Thanks all and keep up the great work.”

- Michael V. from CT

“We are both disabled and we had a couple of emergencies of fuel outage. Your attention and concern by your techs has been a blessing. One of your techs Austin has been more than a service tech he has been a friend and advisor. Response to our needs has always been prompt and courteous but most important you treat us like we’re your family...Congratulations on your success Anniversary.”

- Candy and George K. from Amston, CT

“I turn 70 this year as well, and I have spent most of those years being kept warm courtesy of Wyman Energy! My parents always used Wyman for heating oil, as well as the maintenance of their heating system, and when my husband and I purchased my childhood home from them, we inherited Wyman as well as all of my mother's silverware and dishes. There has never been a day in the 26 years we have owned this house that we have considered switching to a different provider. Oil is always delivered on time and with a friendly smile. Our furnace has been maintained excellently, and when we needed a new heating system, Wyman did a wonderful job with the replacement. It truly has been great growing old together. Thanks for your many years of service.”

- Catherine L. from Manchester, CT

“They are a great team.”

- Lynda W. from Manchester, CT

“I greatly appreciate the discount given for credit card payment, when I needed service there was a quick response and staff has always been professional and courteous.”

- Marie T. from Glastonbury, CT

“Cool work.”

- Karla A. from CT