Request a Delivery

At Wyman Energy, we want to make getting your fuel easy, fast, and accessible. That is why we have an online request system for our customers’ convenience. If you’re in need of a delivery, you can simply request a propane or heating fuel delivery by filling out the form below. To make sure you are in our service area, click here.

Please note: Minimum delivery of 100 gallons. Please check your tank level before placing a delivery request. Deliveries requested at a 50% tank capacity or above and/or fall below the 100-gallon minimum are subject to a $125 delivery fee. This also applies to automatic delivery customers requesting off-schedule deliveries. Please note that no discount is available for requested deliveries that fall below the 100 gallon minimum.

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If you need an emergency delivery please call the office at (860) 643-2453.

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