Rebates & Financing

At Wyman, we realize the kind of financial strain the upfront cost of new installations can put on families even though new equipment leads to long-term savings. That is why we’re here with good news and financial options to make getting your new installation possible and a lot less stressful.

Couple Financing HVAC Expenses with Wyman Energy

Stress Less with Financing

We work with the folks at Synchrony to provide incredibly affordable financing to our qualified, valued customers. Synchrony makes the process of getting prequalified for financing easier than ever, so you can pay off your new heating equipment in easy monthly installments rather than one large lump sum. See if you qualify for financing in minutes, apply with Synchrony today.


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Get Money Back in Rebates

With Energize CT rebates, you can get money back on your installation! For boilers and furnaces, you could get up to $750 back in rebates. With rebates like these, passing up on a new, much needed installation is hard to do. Explore more options from Energize CT here. For questions or to discuss your next installation, get in touch with us today.