Boilers & Furnaces

Whether you heat your Central Connecticut home or business with oil, propane, or natural gas, you’re sure to find the perfect heating system at Wyman Energy. Our skilled and licensed team of HVAC experts work with you to narrow down the most ideal heating system options for you based on your property size, comfort preferences, and budget.

 What’s one attribute we always recommend to our customers when comparing boilers or furnaces? Answer: a high energy efficiency rating. The higher the annual fuel utilization efficiency (AFUE) rating, the more you can look forward to saving!

By installing a high-efficiency oil-fired or gas-fired boiler or furnace with an ENERGY STAR® rating, you can significantly lower winter energy costs now and for years to come. Plus, gain peace of mind knowing that your heating equipment is safe and prepared to warm your home or business without trouble as the temperatures begin to drop.

Energy-Efficient Oil & Gas Heating System Installations

Typically, if a boiler or furnace is more than 15 years old, service calls become more frequent and this is the opportune time to think about making an upgrade. Operating an energy-efficient heating system translates to more e­ffective energy output; this can provide significant benefits for your property, your family’s comfort, and our environment.

  • Savings on annual oil or gas costs
  • Improved home comfort each heating season
  • Reduced risk of equipment failure
  • Fewer unexpected service calls
  • Cleaner system operation

Start saving money on your fuel bills with high-efficiency heating equipment. Request an estimate here!