Water Heaters

Upgrading your home or business property’s water heater is a simple and affordable way to ensure that you’ll always have hot water when you need it. Not to mention, you can count on savings when it comes to your heating oil or propane bill on top of fewer unexpected system repairs.

There are countless options for water heating equipment on the market today. While a newer model that’s properly installed always outplays dated equipment in terms of safety and efficiency, some systems go the extra mile. The oil and gas water heaters we at Wyman Energy supply and install will do just that.

Upgrading Your Oil or Gas Water Heater

Your current oil or propane water heating equipment may provide you with an adequate hot water supply now, but just like any of your HVAC appliances, making a proactive upgrade allows you to greatly improve your comfort, daily chores, and peace of mind. Most water heater failures are a result of old age, and they often occur without any warning. When a water heater fails, the tank containing the water can rupture, causing damage and loss of service. If your system is more than 10 years old, replacing it now can help you avoid an unexpected malfunction down the road. Choosing a water heater with an ENERGY STAR® approval rating is your best bet for high performance equipment that will last in the long run.

  • Lower monthly fuel bills all year
  • Quicker output and recovery time
  • Hot water available exactly when you need it

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