Looking Back on Wyman Energy’s History

In 2023, Wyman Energy is celebrating 70 years of dedicated service here in Central Connecticut. Looking back, we’ve come a long way since our humble beginnings in 1953. Thanks to our valued customers, we’ve been able to provide our local community with the quality energy products and services they deserve. We’ve had the opportunity to expand our home heating and fuel service offerings by adding cooling services to our repertoire as well, to ensure we can keep our customers comfortable in every season. We’re proud to be celebrating this huge milestone with you! Keep reading to learn about the history of our company from a 1975 news article featuring our very own Frank Wyman.

A Glimpse into the Past

Wyman Energy’s appearance in a news article feature from Fuel Oil News published in 1975 offers a unique and encapsulating snapshot of the history of Wyman Energy and the innovative mind of Frank E. Wyman himself.

“Wheels Keep Turning” Wyman’s 1975 News Article Feature

“Have you ever talked with a person when you could almost see the wheels turning in his head? If not, you should visit Frank E. Wyman, president of Wyman Oil Company Inc., Exxon reseller in Manchester, Conn. Almost before you can ask him a question, he has the answer nearly framed. That’s why he can run an efficient 1,750,000-gallon oil heat operation with only six regular employees. ‘We do a lot with a little help,’ he admits.”

“Frank’s knack for efficiency began early in his life. His father had operated a chain of service stations in the 1930s, so he grew up in the business, buying a competitive station in Manchester in 1953. After 14 years’ successful operation he lost the station to urban renewal in 1967. Exxon came to his rescue by selling him a surplus station which had been closed for a year or two.”

In addition to being an Exxon gasoline reseller, the author remarks on the blossoming home comfort business strategy of Frank E. Wyman, Mrs. Wyman, and their small team of employees.

“Everything else sold by Wyman Oil consists of heating oil and service work on a ‘happy family’ basis. Frank has held on to the single service station because it is profitable and because he has a pump island lodged somewhere in his blood stream.”

Echoing the core values that Wyman Energy still holds today, Frank E. Wyman was set on ensuring that his valued customers and employees were taken care of.

“’My employees and I are friends,’ Frank explained. “I am interested in them and their families.”

Afterward, the author dives into the painful reality of fuel allocations in the United States during the early 1970s energy shortage. This caused Wyman’s business to quickly adapt. Deliveries were put off, customers’ oil tanks could not be filled entirely, and the company was not able to take on new customers in order to preserve fuel. Luckily, Central Connecticut weathered a normal winter and Frank Wyman was quick to spring into action, recommending useful ways for his customers to conserve energy.

“Isn’t that just the kind of thinking one would expect from a man such as Frank Wyman. The wheels in his thinking keep turning all the time, and that’s what it takes to keep pace in today’s fast economic race.”

To read the full article, click the PDF download link below.


Our Commitment to Service Lives On

Now, 70 years since our founding in 1953, our commitment to quality energy services has only grown. We now offer everything from ductless mini-split and central a/c installations and service to heat pump installations, and natural gas conversions, with our service offerings differing from customer to customer. We are proud to service and install heating equipment to lower your energy bills, annual tune-ups to extend the life of your appliances, and comprehensive equipment protection plans alongside our reliable and convenient heating oil and propane delivery services. Need a ductless split A/C installation in your CT home today?  Click here to contact us online today or give us a call at (860) 643-2453. We look forward to serving you and helping to keep you cool in the warmer months to come!