Reasons Not to Skip Your AC Tune-Up in Central CT

Spring has sprung in Central Connecticut, which means that we can expect summer very soon. Most likely, you’re already preparing for warmer weather by completing some outdoor cleanup or refreshing your home for the new season. With everything going on, it’s not at all surprising if you forget to schedule your A/C tune-up, but it’s important that you don’t skip it! Having regular maintenance performed on your A/C equipment ensures your system is ready to cool your home when temperatures rise. To find out more about the benefits of not skipping your A/C tune-up, keep reading this blog post!

Why Is a Spring A/C Tune-Up So Important in Greater Hartford?

Reduces Energy Consumption & Cost

If your A/C is tuned-up every year, you’ll find that it runs more efficiently, which can lead to bigger savings. Regular maintenance can reduce energy consumption by 10%.

Prepares Your Home for Warm Weather

The last thing you want on the first warm day of the year is to discover that your A/C isn’t working properly when you turn it on. By scheduling your A/C tune-up early, you can not only avoid the last-minute rush, but you can ensure your equipment is in peak condition when that first heat wave strikes.

Helps Avoid Expensive System Malfunctions

If you don’t book a tune-up from a trained technician early in the season, you may wind up with a breakdown on a hot summer day when you need your air conditioning the most. A tune-up is an easy and budget-friendly way to help keep you cool, whereas an emergency service call to repair a malfunctioning system is expensive and can’t be done on your schedule.

Increases Your Comfort

Regular maintenance keeps your A/C system running properly, resulting in more consistent and reliable temperatures when you use it. Get the most out of your equipment by scheduling a tune-up early in the season.

Extends the Life of Your Unit

Regardless of if you have recently purchased a new cooling unit or you have an older system in your home, performing a tune-up on your air conditioning unit increases the longevity of your equipment. On an older unit, regular maintenance can allow for a few more years of operation. On a new unit, a tune-up helps you capitalize on your investment and extend the life of your equipment.

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Call Wyman Energy Today to Schedule Your Tune-Up & Beat the Rush

At Wyman Energy, our certified HVAC technicians will perform your tune-up and ensure that your central A/C or ductless mini-split system is running at peak efficiency. If you want to make the switch to a new high-efficiency system, we also offer A/C installation services. By taking care of your air conditioning system now, you can help ensure that you’ll enjoy a cool and comfortable summer. Contact Wyman Energy today!