Why You Should Consider a Heating System Service Plan

You protect your car, home, and health with preventative insurance plans. But what about your heating system? It’s worth considering since your heating system is responsible for keeping you and your family warm and comfortable throughout Connecticut’s cold winter months. A service plan from Wyman Energy is a smart way to protect your heating equipment – and your wallet.

The Benefits of HVAC Service Plans

Just because you haven’t experienced an emergency with your heating system, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be prepared. Our service plans include 24-hour emergency service, but there’s more to our plans than around-the-clock service.

Many people forget to have their heating system checked out once a year. With our service plans, this tune-up is included, along with a yearly safety inspection! This alone can save you money long term on expensive repairs, but our plans even include discounts on parts and service, which saves you even more! There are different tiers of coverage so you can choose which plan works best for you. Read more to discover which plan suits your needs, and you can always add coverage for your water heater or heating oil tank.

What do the service plans cover?

The Gold Plan

Our top-tier plan offers the highest level of coverage and best overall value. Included in this plan is:

  • Safety Inspection
  • 24-Hour Emergency Service
  • Annual Tune-Up
  • 50% Discounts on Parts & Labor
  • Ultrasonic Oil Tank Inspection

The Silver Plan

This plan includes all the same coverage as the Gold Plan, but with a 25% discount on parts and labor rather than 50%. It’s a quality option that gives you great coverage on a budget!

The Efficiency Plan

The Wyman Energy Efficiency Plan is our most basic plan, and is recommended to all our customers to help protect their heating system. This plan offers annual services like inspections and tune ups, and emergency service while providing a 10% discount on parts and labor.

What if I need an HVAC upgrade?

Sometimes during the inspection or tune-ups, our technicians will notice your heating system is not working efficiently. You want to get the most of your fuel, so the efficiency of your system should not be ignored. At Wyman Energy we offer high-efficiency heating system upgrades and installations, which not only heat your home the best way possible, but can save you up to 30% annually on your heating costs!

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Are there additional HVAC coverage options?

When it comes to protection, why stop at your heating system? We also offer coverage on oil-fired water heaters, and above ground oil storage tanks. Contact us for more information about which plan is best for you and get prepared!